What We Believe

Culture Code

The following are the core beliefs of The Brook Community Church based on the foundational truths taught in the bible. This is the foundation of our church culture.  Through the leadership of our staff and members, we strive to live by these core values in order to be refreshers in our home, communities and everywhere we go.    


1. Christ Centered Worship (Col. 1:15-20)
”Everything is about Jesus.”

2. Biblical Preaching (2nd Tim. 4:2-4)
”The Brook is a church of the book. We believe the Bible.”

3. Everyday Evangelism (Matt. 28:18-20)
“We don’t just invite people to church on Sunday, we introduce them to Christ everyday.”

4. Persistent Prayer (Luke 18:1-8)
“We pray like it all depends on God, because it does.”



5. Growing Together (Acts 2:42)
“No one should do life alone.”

6. Heartfelt Hospitality (Rom. 12:13)
“We want every guest to feel at home.”

7. Love without limits (John 13:35)
“We want to be known for our love for others.”

8. Kingdom Reflective Diversity (Rev. 7:9)
“We want our church to be as ethnically diverse as God’s kingdom.”

9. Discipling the Next Generation (Joshua 4:22)
“The next generation matters to God.”

10. Unreserved Generosity (2nd Cor. 8:12-15)
“We give generously to meet other’s needs and trust God to meet ours.”

11. Sacrificial Service (Luke 22:24-27)
“We are willing to lay down comfort and convenience so others can know Christ.”

12. Kingdom Mandated Expansion (Luke 14:23)
“We don’t want to just see additions to our church, we want to see multiplication in the kingdom.”