Welcome Home!

Welcome home.  We are so thankful and humbled that God has led you to The Brook Community Church.  Pastor Seth is excited to be your Pastor and we are excited to be your church community.  We believe the church is a group of believers that gather to experience God and then go and help others find a fresh start.  We've crafted this page to introduce you to our experience with God and empower you to help others find a fresh start.

So....go ahead, scroll, click, listen, connect.  Please feel free to reach out to Pastor Zach (info below) if you have any questions on this process.

Get to know us!

Who are you?

Ever wonder what you're gifts are or what your purpose is?  What can you to do serve God's church?  Click the links below to take a spiritual gift assessment.  The assessment will realize the special abilities God has given you to serve your church.  Once you get to the end of the assessment, print your results or you'll lose them.

Next, return to this page, click the second link to match your gifts with a ministry at The Brook.  Email us at brookchurchinfo@thebrooktc.org with your results.  We'll get you matched with a team and your team lead will provide information about serving. 

You're In... Tell us bit more about yourself

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welcome to the Family!